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The Golden Rule of Sales (Mike Morgan)

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The Golden Rule of Sales (Mike Morgan)


I’ve always been a firm believer in The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This decree appeals to me because it is so simple and straight forward.  Relationships, whether personal or professional, should be mutually beneficial, reciprocal, and operate on a foundation of empathy. It pretty much embodies how I live my life, and as we all know, too well perhaps, who we are at work is simply an extension of who we are.

Here at SkyVantage, we live to help our customers improve their businesses, solve problems, and find success in an industry where it is unfortunately difficult to make money. The reality is that most of our customers do what they do because they LOVE it, and they are driven by a passion for flight. THAT motivates me to help them be successful, and I treat them the way I’d like to be treated myself.

So, what specifically does that mean? As the VP of Sales at SkyVantage, I see every relationship with both customers and prospects as a partnership. My role in that alliance is to learn about that company’s issues, challenges, and problems. Leveraging my own expertise, knowledge of the product, and a team of industry experts, my role is to help those companies find and implement solutions that are going to save them money and identify each and every revenue-generating opportunity to help them make more money.

This approach creates a recipe for success. Our customers each have a unique set of circumstances, and I am driven by an appetite to find a winning solution for each and every one of them. Because of this philosophy being ingrained in the SkyVantage company culture, you will never feel pressure when you engage with us. We believe in building relationships built to last that may eventually result in an airline licensing our software, but we understand that an investment in technology is a big decision. We allow you the time and space to feel confident you are making the right decision.

Allow us to be your trusted advisor, and you’ll soon discover that we are here to facilitate and support your success. We have amazing relationships with all of our customers, and we find it rewarding to watch them grow and prosper. I personally look forward to nurturing new relationships in the upcoming years and can’t wait to work with new customers to find interesting solutions to their challenges.