SkyVantage offers complete hosting solutions for airlines. The SkyVantage System takes advantage of the latest technology to provide airlines with a "can't survive without" system for reservations and day-to-day operations.

Passenger Service System (PSS)
Airline Reservation System

SVAMS Provides the most advanced PSS along with integrated and fully customized reservation system for complete management of an airlines inventory and passengers. The online reservation system combines with the airlines web site for a complete e-commerce solution. Call centers will now have a complete and integrated solution for offering the airline product.

Revenue Management

Airlines can take advantage of the SkyVantage Revenue Management system tools to amplify the bottom line. The SkyVantage inventory management technology combines with the revenue management system to provide real-time analytics of your airline data, airlines can see exactly what needs to be done to increase earnings. Revenue Management changes can be applied and the reservation system can be updated in real-time. Complexity: Eliminated.

Loyalty & Social CRM

SkyVantage is the first passenger service system to combine loyalty and social networking in the CRM. With technology linking your airline and your customers to facebook, twitter, linkedin, tripit and more, now airlines can know and interact with their customers better than ever before. The SkyVantage CRM has now made decisions regarding frequent flyer programs and other passenger reward programs easier to make than ever.

SkyVantage Ancillary Marketplace

SkyVantage has deployed technology in the areas of ancillary revenue, packaging and distribution that allows airlines to go beyond the traditional barriers. Sell your products and services in a visual marketplace, easily and profitably.

Flight Following

SkyVantage offers flight following screens that are highly integrated into the passenger service system and airline reservation system. Complete with FAA approved overdue alert notification systems, our color-coded flight following screens will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your flight operation.

Departure Control System

Maximize the effectiveness of your entire operation with complete departure control. Airlines of all sizes will have the entire live flight department at their fingertips.

Security and APIS

Passenger Vetting is easier than ever before, and optionally completely automated as part of your local no-fly-list program. We have multi-national approved passenger security and APIS technologies deployed all over the world.

Information Systems

With SkyVantage, all the information is at your fingertips. Great care has been taken to ensure that live and historical operations and passenger information has been recorded. DATA IS NEVER PURGED!!! The report that you need is only limited by your imagination!

E-Suite Booking System

Give customers, travel agents, and other vendors the quick, intuitive way to book online with the SkyVantage e-Suite internet booking system. Low cost growth is only a few clicks away as your customers will find the easy intuitive reservation wizard their preferred means of making a reservation. Travel agents may register with your airline take advantage of low cost direct distribution with completely automated billing processes. Each SkyVantage Customer will have complete control over the look and feel of the public e-Suite internet booking system.

Direct Distribution and API

Sell your inventory and ancillaries to anyone, at any level, at any time. The SkyVantage API is available for your use. We can build support for and/or OpenAxis XML technologies. Expand your marketplace through mobile applications and beyond through our JSON or XML technologies. The Sky is only the beginning for SkyVantage powered airlines. YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY.

E-Ticket GDS Integration

SkyVantage has partnered with Hahn Air to make GDS distribution affordable for airlines of all sizes. Need Electronic Ticketing with DCSell technologies? No problem! With SkyVantage, small airlines have the ability to Interline and Code-Share with other carriers. And participate in sales on the major online travel agencies (OTA's) like travelocity, orbitz and many more.

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