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A Reservation Management System for SANSA

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A Reservation Management System for SANSA

A Reservation Management System for SANSA

SkyVantage is proud to work with SANSA Airlines by providing them with a software reservation management system to book passengers and handle their day to day airline operations.  

Introducing SkyVantage customer SANSA 

SANSA is an airline located in Costa Rica.  Their main hub is located at Juan Santamaría International Airport which is located in San Jose.  SANSA opened their doors in 1978 when Avianca Costa Rica, formerly known as LACSA transferred its domestic network to SANSA.


Costa Rica home to more than 500,000 flora and fauna species.  This country has 8 biological reserves, 20 natural parks, and many other protected parks.  Costa Ricans have moved beyond burning fossil fuels and instead use 99% renewable clean energy to power their lives.  Therefore making Costa Rica one of the most eco-friendly countries on the planet. 


Fly Green, Fly SANSA!


Conservation is a significant part of the country’s culture so it’s no surprise SANSA runs an airline that is so aware of their environmental impact.  There are few airlines that are as eco-friendly as SANSA.  They have partnered with FONAFIFO (National Fund of Forest Financing) to make their airline a carbon-neutral airline. 


SANSA destinations include:


San Jose (main Hub)

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica.  Not to mention, this area is in close proximity to the Volcanoes Poas and Irazu.


Puerto Jimenez

Famous for Scarlet Macaws and the beautiful beaches of Golfo Dulce.



Mecca of year-round sportfishing.


Palmar Sur

This area is the gateway to the rainforest where many endangered species live.


Bahia Drake

The beaches here are famous for the legend of the hidden pirate treasure.  As a matter of fact, it has yet to be found.


Manuel Antonio/Quepos

A National Park that attracts eco-travelers and adventure-seekers.



A volcanic valley which makes its beach an excellent swimming location.



Home to the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge near a major nesting site for endangered leatherback turtles.



Known for its white colonial buildings and sabanero (cowboy) culture.


La Fortuna

Costa Rica’s gateway to Arenal Volcano National Park.  Further more, Costa Rica’s most popular location.



Known as the oldest town in Costa Rica. Home to Caribbean culture and festivals.



An area accessible only by plane or boat also known for its nesting sea turtles.


Costa Esmeralda Nicaragua

A very secluded beach with little to no development.


How SkyVantage serves SANSA airlines

SANSA has been an airline software customer of SkyVantage since February 2014.  SANSA utilizes the e-Suite Internet Booking, Language and Currency configurations, Chartered Flights, Analytics and Reports and many other SkyVantage key features.

e-Suite Internet Booking

Going to Costa Rica?  Head on over to SANSA’s website. When you are ready to book a destination you will end up booking through an integrated SkyVantage reservation management system.  However, it is doubtful you will even notice the subtle changes.  SkyVantage utilizes e-suite internet booking which integrates with SANSA’s website.  It is customizable to emulate the same look and branding as the rest of the website.  Comparatively, the look and feel of SANSA’s website and the integrated reservation management system are very similar.  This allows SANSA’s customers to book flights any time of day without ever needing to speak directly with SANSA or a travel agent.

 Below is an example of SANSA’s website:

Below is an example of SkyVantage’s e-Suite internet booking with the comparative look and feel of SANSA’s website:

Language and Currency

The SkyVantage reservation management system supports multiple languages and currencies.  Costa Rica receives tourists from all over the world.  The native language is Spanish.  However, due to tourism English is also widely spoken.  SANSA’s website is currently set up to support both Spanish and English.  No matter what languages or currencies an airline uses, SkyVantage’s reservation management system will be able to support it.   

Chartered Flights

In order to best serve their customers.  SANSA provides both scheduled and chartered flights.  This means Families, travel groups, and travel agencies can book flights to alternative destinations or different schedules than what SANSA already provides.  SkyVantage’s reservation management system makes booking chartered flights a breeze.   

Analytics and Reporting

SANSA has a high and low season and during those season some destinations are more popular than others.  For this reason, SkyVantage’s airline software is integrated with analytics and reporting.  Utilizing analytics and reporting SANSA can, therefore, predict a destination’s popularity and can schedule flights accordingly to best utilize resources and increase profits.

SkyVantage is proud to serve SANSA

In conclusion, SkyVantage is very proud to serve SANSA.  Thank you, SANSA for being so eco-friendly and such a value to Costa Rica and us.  Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a rich culture and a diverse eco-system.  We hope everyone has a chance to visit this beautiful country and when you do make sure to book with SANSA.  We would like to Thanks SANSA for being such a valued customer!