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Innovation & New Initiatives (Cory Robin)

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Innovation & New Initiatives (Cory Robin)


Cory-300x165At SkyVantage, we have several initiatives on the horizon for this year. We are  excited about finding new and creative ways to help our customers save and make more money through enhanced offerings, features, and capabilities. Stay tuned as we continue to announce new areas of focus for solution enhancements, customer service programs, and additional guidance and expertise to help you do your job better.

Here is the short list of what you can look forward to in the upcoming months:

GDS Integration

It has always been our stance that GDS is expensive, leverages antiquated technology, and does not deliver enough incremental revenue to justify the cost. We simply haven’t felt that it is worth your precious pennies to invest in leveraging a GDS integration, and our focus has been on giving airlines tools to succeed by interfacing directly with travel agents and clients. However, with recent changes to integration protocols (specifically support for Type X), integrating with GDS can now be achieved at a cost we consider reasonable. What we’ve decided to do is eliminate (or at least lower) the financial barriers to entry, so airlines of all sizes can integrate with GDS via the SkyVantage Airline Management System. Allowing you to tap into the GDS network, at a cost that is reasonable, will provide an additional revenue stream and access to a new pool of customers for bookings. Look for more information in the weeks to come about how you can leverage the SkyVantage GDS integration.

Business Intelligence

SkyVantage has invested in bringing you more robust business intelligence capabilities, so you can take action on your data and Glean insight from your data to improve performance and optimize your business operations. Standard and custom reporting capabilities allow you to make decisions in real time. Being proactive about managing your airline is critical to growth and maximizing your margins. With enhanced business intelligence capabilities you can free yourself of cumbersome manual processes, cobbled together reports, and taking a rear-view mirror approach to analyzing your data. If you need custom reports to get a better sense of how and where you can make improvements to your business, we’re happy to create those for you. We will continue to add new reporting capabilities in the future as we build out our Business Intelligence Solution.

Loyalty & Revenue Management

We want to help you identify each and every opportunity to maximize your earnings, so you never have to realize you missed an opportunity yesterday that could have yielded great returns today. In an industry that is driven by the sale of perishable inventory, you need to adjust and fine-tune every aspect of your inventory system at any level, in real time and on the fly, to ensure you maximize yield per seat for every flight. In addition, SkyVantage Loyalty not only allows you to roll out a loyalty program at minimal cost but provides you with some really cool features that are not typically available via loyalty programs, like multi-passenger profiles, so family members can accrue points collectively. Happy customers will want to spend more money with your airline, so take some time to learn more about our Loyalty and Revenue Management solutions.

In Conclusion…

Here at SkyVantage, we are passionate about your success, and we are thrilled to continue innovating on ways to improve operations, increase customer satisfactions ratings, and ultimately help you make more money. So, there you have it…we’re looking forward to great things this year. As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts, and don’t hesitate to lean on us for support and guidance. We’re always happy to lend a hand.