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SkyVantage Announces E-Ticketing

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SkyVantage Announces E-Ticketing

SkyVantage Announces E-Ticketing

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, Apr 11, 2016  — SkyVantage announced today, it will deploy its new SkyVantage E-Ticketing Hub for all its host airlines beginning April 30th, 2016.

The SkyVantage E-Ticketing Hub will be integrated into SkyVantage’s core service offering. Any combination of SkyVantage-hosted airlines will be able to interline and codeshare with each other without complexity or cost.  Further, the SkyVantage E-Ticketing Hub will be connected to modern and older traditional Global Distribution Systems (GDS) enabling the capability for SkyVantage hosted airlines to establish future Interline Electronic Ticketing (IET) links with any GDS connected airline or connect with Online Travel Agencies (OTA).

SkyVantage has also built a completely integrated and modernized Airline Billing and Settlement System (BSS) into its SkyVantage Airline Management System (SVAMS) framework. This powerful BSS leverages modern technology to capture sales of electronic tickets and enables airlines to settle directly, without added cost, added complexity, and without any intermediary. As SkyVantage hosted airlines branch out and connect to the older technology based GDS/ticketing/BSP systems, these tools will connect directly with those systems, enabling faster transaction handling and real-time transparency.

By leveraging modern technology, SkyVantage is introducing game-changing distribution technology into the airline industry.


About SkyVantage

SkyVantage Corporation offers industry-leading products and services, consulting and reservation system hosting that specializes in helping airlines reduce operating costs, maximize revenue and efficiently manage their business. Its airline applications use the latest technology to help airlines reduce operating costs, maximize revenue and manage distribution, reservations, and operations functions.

The SkyVantage Airline Management System (SVAMS) is a complete airline reservations and management system that leverages real-time, pure-internet architecture with no code on the client technology. It has enabled what SkyVantage calls the Real-Time SVAMS. It allows airlines to connect people directly to business processes, eliminating intermediaries, inside and outside the airline. It creates unprecedented efficiency and lowers costs. It provides airlines with an unmatched competitive advantage. The Real-Time SVAMS sets the standard for airline performance in the 21st century, and SkyVantage is at the forefront of enabling airlines to make this model a reality.

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