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Computer Reservation System (CRS)

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Computer Reservation System (CRS)

Computer Reservation System (CRS)

SkyVantage Airline Management Software (SVAMS)


SVAMS is an advanced Computer Reservation System (CRS).  It allows airlines to efficiently manage customer reservations.  The SkyVantage reservation system was designed to be intuitive and easy for airline staff and third-party booking agents to learn and operate.  


Our tools provide an advanced Passenger Service System (PSS) to track airline’s inventory and passengers. Using our computer reservation system, airlines can schedule flights, set fares, and create, change, or cancel reservations, each function has multiple configurations. SkyVantage’s software supports a broad range of merchant gateways, languages, and currencies. Therefore allowing greater control and versatility.

The SkyVantage computer reservation system is cloud-based and comes with an e-Suite internet booking system.  This system is easy to integrate into your website.  It’s fully customizable giving your airline control of it’s look and feel to ensure it matches your airline’s brand.  Therefore, creating a seamless experience for your customers as they search and book flights online.

The SkyVantage reservation system allows you to create multiple fare classes, enable fare discounts, or set up promotional codes.  Our computer reservation system includes a passenger loyalty program that is integrated into social networking.  Therefore, creating an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program designed to grow the business while building customer relationships with your frequent flyers.

Key Features:

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