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Airline Reservation System for Charter Flights

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Airline Reservation System for Charter Flights


SkyVantage works with many airlines that operate under FAR Part 135 commuter and on-demand operations, one advantage of which is the ability to offer charter flights.  The SkyVantage airline reservation system was designed with charter flights in mind.


A brief history of charter flights


Charter flights “took off” in the 1940’s right after World War II.  There was a surplus of leftover aircraft and to offset the cost and maintenance, owners began to rent or charter their aircraft.  In the 1960’s, the first corporate jet was introduced.  It quickly became a status symbol.  


In the 1990’s with the advancements of the internet, aviation brokers were able to source and coordinate multiple aircraft options for charter flight customers.  This lead to fractional ownership, membership programs, and finally to on-demand charters.


The future of charter flights is looking good


The demand for charter flights is increasing by 8.4% every year.  Private groups, businesses, and tour operators are realizing how convenient, flexible, and time saving charter flights are.  Customers are booking public charters, private single entity, and private affinity charters.


Benefits of charters for passengers include:


  • Flexibility:  Passengers can tailor the flight schedule, location, and onboard services to their specific needs.
  • Location:  Passengers have more options for pick up and drop off locations.
  • Hassle-Free:  Generally, they get to skip the TSA security line.
  • Comfort:  In most cases, seats on a charter flight include legroom that is comparable or better than first-class commercial flights.  
  • The Experience:  A charter flight is intimate and passengers receive more attention from the flight crew.


Things your customers want to know about charters:


  • What are the departure and arrival options?
  • Can this be done with a direct flight?
  • What will the schedule be like?
  • How long of a flight is this?
  • How many seats will be available?
  • Are there ground transport options?
  • How do I check-in?
  • What is the luggage limit?
  • Is there a bathroom onboard?
  • Can I smoke on the flight?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Will I be safe taking this flight?
  • What in-flight services are available, such as catering?
  • How much will this cost?


Maximize your profits by avoiding empty leg flights


An inevitable downside of charter flights is ending up with empty leg flights.  The solution is to offer these flights to customers.  However, because of the short notice and loss of flexibility in location and time, these flights are less attractive options to customers.  Therefore, it’s standard practice to offer these flights at a discount.  The way these discounts are offered to customers varies.  You can offer them per a flight, a seat or a combination of the two.  


Things to consider when offering empty leg flights:


  • What if the main flight gets canceled?  
  • What is your obligation to the empty leg passenger?  
  • How do you convey this information upfront?


Ways to advertise empty leg flights:


  • Offer to preferred clients first – email list or private membership group
  • On your website
  • Through social media
  • Auction
  • Via travel agents
  • Empty-leg flight brokers  


Using the SkyVantage Airline Management System for charter


The SkyVantage Airline Management System (SVAMS) makes booking and quoting charters easy.  Once the aircraft and pricing have been entered, a reservation agent simply needs the number of passengers, locations, dates, and any special preferences to create a quote.


SVAMS is a secure web-based airline reservation system that operates on real-time.  It’s used for both charter and scheduled airlines.  We’d be happy to show you in detail our airline reservation system and if it’s right for your airline, just send us a message.

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